Monday, 23 April 2012

Sunday morning in Southwick

Bluebells, celandines, primroses, violets, wild garlic all in abundance around Southwick this weekend.  I have probably been walking these paths for the past thirty-five years and not a lot has changed especially in the woods and fields.  It's been raining quite a bit this week so everything has a freshness to it that you can only get in England in the Spring.  It still amazes me every time we walk - the sunlight through the trees casting dappled shadows - buzzards soaring above, blue-tits chirruping as they fly past, dipping as though on roller coasters, squirrels leaping the paths in front of us and scampering up the far side of the old oak tree.  I love the silhouette of the trees in the woods around the back of the lake - try to imagine that world a hundred years ago before the so called Great War.  Still, Southwick House would have been at peace during that war - it was only during the second World War that it was taken over by the Admiralty.  The house still stands today, but is surrounded by modern buildings and is busy overlooking the training of Service Personnel.

It still feels like ours though as we walk and enjoy the lake - no fish jumping yet, although the herons fly over us as we walk and I catch a glimpse of a cormorant diving far off in the middle of the water.

We can ignore the golfers as they make their way around the course and there are no fishermen as yet.

So lucky to live in such a place!

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