Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Life in Southwick is marvellous!
Yesterday I had new bathroom taps fitted to the washbasin.  As the house belongs to the Estate, we didn't have to foot the bill - but no doubt at the next rent review it'll be brought up - as if anything would ever make a difference to the rent going up - it always does, every two years.  We're still waiting for the fence to be fixed after it nearly blew away in the last storm back in February.  I'm told that the wood has now been ordered but not date for them to fix it yet.  Life in a small village eh?  Still, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
I've been pretty lazy this week regarding the new novel - so today I will definitely get back onto it - in the meantime - here's another snippet.  I hope you enjoy reading this.

Let me tell you about Julie.  She works here every afternoon - except Tuesdays.  She won’t do mornings as she says she’s too busy doing her housework but I think it’s really because she can’t get up in the mornings.  She always looks like she’s half asleep.  And keeps popping out to the car park at random moments.  Says she’s going out for a smoke but then she comes in stinking of something else - brandy I think.
I work with Julie on wednesday afternoons and it’s always the same.  I’ve seen it all before down at the treatment centre - those ones who drink too much - they look down their noses at us druggies but they’re no better really - ruin just as many lives - probably more seeing as the booze makes you violent whereas heroin, well, it just eats away at yourself and if you’re on Methadone you can still get on with your life even though you’re still addicted.  Wouldn’t want to be her.
Kevin really gets on my nerves.  If he says one more time “Good morning madam - can I interest you in our latest raffle?” I’ll scream - or lump him with that bloody china rabbit!  Still, he’s not so bad really - can make a decent cup of tea anyway and he works hard.  I can take it easy when I’m on with him as everything gets done without any effort - from me that is.  Actually, I wish he’d chill out a bit.  It gets boring in here if there’s nothing to do.
Catherine’s alright but she’s a bit bossy although I gues she’s meant to be like that if she has to run the place.  The first day here was a nightmare with Catherine.  She started on me straight away.
‘This rail needs sorting out.  Someone’s put the wrong hangers out.’  She’d grabbed a dress off the rail and waved it in front of me as she spoke.  ‘Dresses should go on the black hangers.’
I found myself apologising when I knew it wasn’t me who put it out.  I glanced at the price ticket and noticed the number on it.  ‘It was done last week - look at the code - week seventeen.  It’s eighteen this week.’
Catherine snatched back the garment.  ‘It can’t have been - I’d have noticed.  Anyway - whoever did it probably got the code wrong as well.’
‘Whatever.’  I went to the back room and found a new hanger - black of course.  ‘There you go.’  Catherine had glared at me at the time but soon seemed to forget the incident.  I just spent the rest of the day wondering what I was doing in the place.  It’s not nice being the new one anywhere is it?  It sticks in the throat a bit knowing that I’m not even getting paid for this.  The only thing keeping me going is the thought of getting that judge off my back.

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  1. Me matie lives in Southwick village and I would dearly LOVE to live there, maybe I might get a chance when me lads have all flown the nest.... Im ready for a rest lol