Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Suddenly it's September
You wonder at how fast
Months fly by
When Summer comes at last.
But it forgot to come this year you say
And here you sit today
In September
Watching the sun shining at last.
A bitter-sweet feeling
Hoping that it's true
And Summers really do
Come later now.
And dreading the chill
That seeps into your bones
And leaves you longing
For Spring's gentle thaw -
So far away
Beyond the deep, dark
Winter months -
They stretch ahead before you.

Don't get depressed
You tell yourself -
Look out
Walk about
And pretend it's only July.
So you peel off your coat
Kick off your boots
And sandal clad
You venture forth
Into the Hampshire sunshine
And yes,
It feels good.
You smile.

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