Thursday, 13 September 2012

Living in a Cold War Climate and Being Sixteen

This town I see a sorry sight
These drops of rain on my window pane
The wind that howls
And the birds that fly
The happy times gone by.
A world of war
Would destroy this town -
Memories would stay forever.
Yet loving faces
A place full of wonder.

A million pebbles lie
On this beach
A million faces
A million memories.
The ignorant age of old
So wise yet so dumb.
A song that forever rings
In my ears
Hair that's ten years long.

This town
So insignificant, so possessive
So happy, so sad.
People that laugh
People that cry
Music of old
Music of young
A winter so cold
With winds so old
And people so young.
A year's gone by
This town.

Habits that change
People never
A summer so hot
Water so cool -
Cool sights to see
Sea so deep
So dark - black
A cloud of memories rolls by
Tears are shed
And dried
Faces fade and memories live on.

A place of meeting
A musical happiness
And a season passes onward
A mirror sees the light of day
The reflection passes
The door is opened
And sorrow passes by
And happiness comes
And tears are gone.
People come and people go
Summer brings them home.

A stranger may come to this town
Possessive town - insignificant.
My friends all smile
Or my friends all cry
A match is lit
And heat and light comes to this town.
Forgotten people
Home town.

This town has no time
The clock was stopped a year ago
Just faint bells chime on sundays.
Simple songs, simple minds.
A whistle blows
The streets of our town where fools parade
Darkness lit by candlelight
And the winds blow.
The sun is gone
It died six months back.

A circular pattern - faces smile
Seen by me alone.
How does it feel to see this town?
In a passing car?
A roaring wind?
Seen by me this town is my heaven
My home
Happiness - Boredom passes the time
Sitting and laughing at the people
The sea, our sea.
Our town so pretty
Yet so dull.
Our people
So old yet so loved and so young.
The clouds can go and the birds can laugh,
The sky is blue - the sun can reappear
Not a care can be shown here.

The rain floods away our worries
And the sun dries away our tears
The heavens can open and swallow the world
But our trees, our seas
Our people, our happiness, memories
Will forever live on
In this
Our town.

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