Friday, 21 September 2012

Book Marketing is Hot News

Things are starting to hot up in the book marketing business!  I've just heard that I have been offered a book signing in The Book Shop at Lee-on-Solent on the 13th October between 11.00 am and 1.00pm.  This is a lovely independent book store which is run by a wonderful guy called Rick who is enthusiastic about his work and loves to help promote local authors.  So thank you Rick for taking a chance on me.  I promise to work hard at getting loads of people to drop in - and to buy copies of my novel - Caught in the Web.

I still keep getting reviews from those who have read the book, my latest one is posted here:

I finished reading "Caught In The Web" last night by Christine Lawrence and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend others to read it. It was cool as I could work out where the different settings in the book are, and so could see them in my mind as I read. It brought back some interesting memories for me too, and a couple of those memories were a little disturbing to me! All in all a great story and very well written. Thank you Christine and I look forward to your next book :-)  Roy.

Thanks Roy, for the great review.  Roy worked in Knowle about the same time that I did, many years ago now.

Last Saturday found me in the Guildhall in Portsmouth, attending a ReAuthoring Workshop.  Now, that was an experience that I really enjoyed.  Anyone curious about what it means should try it out for themselves as it is difficult to put a framework around what the day was about - apart from saying that the outcome was that it gave me confidence in presenting my novel in a unique and exciting way.  This workshop was to prepare us authors for the forthcoming BookFest in Portsmouth.  My slot for this is on the 20th October at 12.20 in the library in Palmerston Road, Southsea - so something else to look forward to.  And I met up with a great bunch of authors too!

Before all of this though, there is my book signing on Wednesday next week in Earl's Coffee Shop in Titchfield.  Run by the enthusiastic and lovely Angie, it's more of an art and gift shop really, but Angie serves good coffee and a small range of cakes too.  You can sit and enjoy a quiet coffee or a good old gossip with Angie in lovely surroundings.  If you come along on Wednesday, I shall be sitting at one of the tables with a small stack of books, hoping to have the chance to chat about my work and signing copies of the novel.  And as Caught in the Web is set in Knowle hospital, just up the road from Titchfield village, I am sure many locals will be interested.  I do hope to see some of you there.

Other news is that I have been asked to appear as a guest on Radio Express FM show Around and About with Terry Powell.  This will be on the air in October, date to be confirmed.  So another good chance to promote the novel.

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