Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Shilling in My Pocket

I'd take a shilling from my pocket
Skim it across the muddy Solent sea.
But there are so many shingles
On the shoreline -
I can't quite reach
The edge of the water.

My arms stretch out
But the world seems so far away
At times like these.
And as for time -
Well I don't know where it goes.
Certainly seems to fly across oceans
When I'm in need.

I'll find that shilling
And spare time to wonder
Where it all came from
Where it goes
And what happens should it sink
To the bottom
Of that muddy sea.

So many years
Not knowing
What's beneath the murky waves
Dreaming of those brilliant beaches
Where toes sink in sand.

The sharp reality
Of stones underfoot
Brings me back to the now.
I slip my hand in my pocket -
The shilling's gone.

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