Monday, 4 June 2012


Red is the colour
Of Roses
And Valentines
And shiny red apples
That fall on the grass.

Red is the colour of
Cheeks in the winter
Of Santa
And Stockings
And my favourite dress.

Red is the sky
On a hot summer evening
The sea during sunset
The colour of jelly
And little girls' ribbons
They tie in their hair.

Red is the colour
Of lollies
And brollies
You carry about
And then leave
On the bus.

Red is the colour
Of buses
And passion
And the blood that is surging
When you give me that look.

Red is the night-time
Under the covers
After the lights out
When I'm reading a book.

Red is the colour
Of cherries
And garters
And memories
Of tiny bikinis I wore.

And red is the colour
Of shoes with stillettoes
I once took a turn with
Across the dance floor.

Red is the colour
Of lipstick on mirrors
Of giggles
And girlfriends
And painting my nails.

Red is the colour
Of anger
And shame
Of taking the blame
Of the handprint
You gave me
Across the left cheek.

Red is the coat
That I wear in defiance
Red is the tongue
That is numbed into silence
Red are the words
That are trapped
In thought bubbles
That float into sunsets
Like bright red balloons.

Red is the colour
Of wicked
Of danger
Seduction and pleasure
Of yearnings
And warnings
That all come too soon.

Red is the river
That flows from my head now
That blinds me
And binds me
And pushes me further
Than ever before.

And red is the colour
Of freedom
Of healing
Of knowing it's past now
The memories fading
No longer red-raw.

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