Friday, 29 June 2012

Grand Tour Continued

Sunday 10th June
It was a pleasure to ride across the Pennines with no rain.  The sun even came out for a while.  We stopped beside a waterfall called "High Force" and walked down to the point where you could take photos. A truly beautiful little walk through woods alongside the river.  The waterfall was quite impressive, broiling brown foaming water falling into a black pool.
Trees grew on the side of the cliffs, covered in moss.

Broiling waters, black with peat.

Our next stop was Hadrian's Wall.  We stopped by a Roman Fort and took some photos.  Mark spent a bit of time uploading pictures to Facebook from his phone and then absent-mindedly left the phone on the wall, not to realise until we arrived at the next Bed and Breakfast about another hour's ride away.

This put a damper on what had been a lovely day so far.

We explored Moffat - a farmer's market in the town hall, tasted smoked chicken and smoked stilton cheese and browsed the stalls, feeling a little guilty at trying things out as we had no room to carry anything more on the bike.  We lunched in the Star Hotel.  Everyone so friendly - and Scottish!  We'd passed across the border during the ride and had a very emotional moment when we crossed into Scotland.
The day cheered up even more when Tom phoned from Southwick to say that Mark's phone had been found and the lovely people who found it were going to post it to our home.
We wandered out again in the evening to The Black Bull for dinner, then on to The Stag for a drink.  A drunk at the bar with a Jack Russell amused us for a while and the barmaid seemed a little p.........d off with him especially after the dog did a whoopsie in the corridor.  We staggered back to our room quite early and were amazed at how light it is in the North.  At past ten o'clock and still light outside.

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