Friday, 29 June 2012

Ocknell 2006

Kept awake by night's bitter cold kiss
When dawn brought the light
And sweet sleep's bliss -
I dreamt of journeys taking me
To unknown lands
With faintly familiar companions
Who turned into monkeys
Climbing trees,
Rowing boats
Racing on the river,
Glimpses only now of urgent actions
I can't quite grasp,
Nor the reason why.

So I sit here in the forest glade
The sun flitting,
Teasing with its intermittent face -
The leaves shimmering in the breezes
Casting mottled shadows as they dance
Across the written page.

Memories of years gone by
Here in this glade
Over there - our first year,
The tree we huddled under in the rain,
The forest deserted of all people but us
We shared the time with ponies
And healing rain, and trees and birds,
Hugs and forest fairies.

Over there, our second year -
When visited by boys who cut the trees
And ruptured the harmony
Nature had created here.
Last year's memories still fairly fresh
The celebration of love for two of us.

But year's memories blend into each other
Till it's hard to tell who was here
And when
And what was done
Each year a time of healing, renewal,
Surrendering to the forest magic.
It truly is a fairy place.

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