Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Your Li'l Alice

This one's for Alice's Birthday Today:

Your Li’l Alice
Your little girl who’s twenty-one tomorrow
Roars off in her car with a glint in her eye
As you gaze back down the winding road of her life
Tears push themselves over your eyelids
And your heart swells with pride -
You recall the times, some hard, yet so easy
Like pictures flit through your mind -
The first cry, the first smile,
Those first few tottering steps -
A flash of willful temper
Eased by her laugh and her
Wet baby’s kiss -
The light in her eyes when Daddy comes home,
Chubby hands reaching towards you -
You melt at the memory.
The years have flown -
You recall her first school day,
The many school plays,
Naughty days,
Meeting with the teachers - all much the same,
Hardly easy
As your little girl makes her mark on the world -
Stubborn and brave,
Rebellious -
Determined to fit into no-one else’s mould.
On the verge of womanhood you were there for her
Fighting her corner
Defending her from the world
Even as you watched her stumble through teen years of vodka
Spewing forth on the pavements of the City
And you nursed her through her first hangover -
Or waited with bated breath for her to come home -
She always did, as your love for her sent Guardian Angels
Wherever she went.
She sits on her pony now -
Disciplined and proud.
You wonder where the years have gone
You wonder what her tomorrow will be -
Yet knowing that your love will keep her
Firmly on her path -
Your courage embedded deep within her
Whatever the years may throw her way -
Just know she’ll never lose that part of her
That’s you.

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