Sunday, 20 May 2012

Shower Gel is another Kettle of Fish

Soap smells nice
Rose, Geranium, Vanilla,
Honey I washed the kids soap,
Honey-combed top and yellow soap.
Keeps you clean
Dries out your skin
Makes you smell.

Pump-actioned bottled soap
Cream soap
Soap on a Rope soap
Not quite cleansing soap
Coal tar scrub soap
Memories of school soap
Wash your mouth out soap.

Lying in a long soak
Fine and precious soap
Hide in the cupboard
High up on a shelf
Just to keep you all to myself.

Shower gel is another kettle of fish
Creamy and divine
Exotically named -
Asian, Chocolate, or Arabian Dream
At only forty-eight pence
I leave you all around the bath
To encourage my family to keep clean.

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