Monday, 14 May 2012

Photos of Southwick Walk

After the wonderful walk on Saturday I wondered if you'd all like to see some of the pictures I took around Southwick Estate.  This is more of an experiment really as I haven't posted any photos on here before.  So hope it works
3 Men on a Bummel?
Helpful Ladies

Walking the Dog
And off we go......

Southwick Park Wall

Can't keep up with you lot!

Bluebell Woods

Oak Before Ash - in for a Splash?

Where are we on the map?

Yes, more bluebells

Bluebells and sunshine - lovely!

And even more bluebells

Uphill homewards

Trees beside the old Southwick Road

Nearly home now

Catching up on gossip - two old nursing friends.

Southwick Post Office Tea Rooms

A well-earned cuppa

The Golden Lion

Yes, there were quite a lot of Bluebells

Dead trees in the bog

The Monster on the Hill

Lots of logs
I'm not sure why some of the photos came out in the wrong order.  It should have finished with the Golden Lion Pub.  Still, it gives a feel of the day.  Now,  two days later, the weather has reverted to wintery rain.

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