Saturday, 12 May 2012

Walking in Southwick

We had a wonderful time this morning - got up nice and early and went for a walk around Southwick Estate.  The walk was organised by our friend, Martin, and the idea was to raise money for Naomi House which is a facility for children and young people who have not long to live.  Martin and Lez raised about £200 as well as giving us all a good excuse to get out into the lovely woods around Southwick Estate.

The bluebells are still in full bloom and now the trees are a beautiful bright green, so it was a lovely sight in the woods.  After the recent rains (too much), the ground was quite wet, but the fields were lush and our walking boots kept our feet dry.

Altogether, Mark and I walked 7.5 miles in just three hours.  Not bad for me.  We also had started the morning with coffee in The Golden Lion (thanks to Jane) and finished the morning with a huge mug of tea in the village Tea Rooms (thanks to Paula) and of course, as we were starving, we sampled a cheese and onion panini whilst we were there.

Now, with aching back (a bit) and feet slightly tingling still, we're off to The Fox and Hounds for our evening meal.

Oh, and I heard the first cuckoo today - and the swallows are out in force!

I just hope that today isn't just an oasis of sunshine in the very wet spring we're having and look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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