Thursday, 15 March 2012

You'll all be pleased to hear that the Electricity men are at this moment re-filling the hole in the village, sweeping the mud up and preparing to take away all the green fences that they put up to stop us locals from getting too close and peering into the hole.  This will be a relief to us all and we'll be able to enjoy peace once again, especially those who come over to Southwick for a nice bite of lunch in the village pub.
It will also mean that the idiots who drive through the village at ridiculous speeds without having to slow down to get past the hole will be able to put their foot down on the accelerator once more thus causing us to risk life and limb trying to cross the street.

As my home is directly opposite the Golden Lion, this will of course mean that I can sit in my garden again without the sound of diggers and dumpers rambling past and watch the diners in peace.

Last night's performance of Private Lives was pretty good.  I only say pretty good as it was the first night and there were quite a few small hitches - ie. the lighting could have been better, and some of the cast skipped a few lines apparently, although if you didn't know the script - which I didn't very well - it was hardly noticeable.  The audience loved it though and there were many complementary utterances as people came to the bar at the interval and after the show.  It's certainly worth coming along to watch if you like Noel Coward.  And if you don't, or think it's dated, come along anyway as it really is very funny.

Titchfield Festival Theatre is in St. Margaret's Lane, Titchfield, Hampshire.  There is a web site which is worth a look at with many wonderful photographs of past productions and information of all the forthcoming shows.  I have the dubious honour of being in charge of the costume department which means I spend a few hours a week mucking about in the makeshift room which is filled with lovely clothes.  When I was watching the show last night I couldn't help repeating to my daughter every time one of the cast came on in a new outfit - 'That was one of my costumes', or 'I sorted that one out'.  They did all look amazing.  Some of the outfits were hired from Chichester Festival Theatre which is only about 30 minutes drive away so I can't take all the credit and anyway I don't really do anything other than dig out several items from the store, put them on a rail and let the cast chose from the selection.

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