Monday, 12 March 2012

After a busy weekend - spending time with the family - breakfast in the Post Office Tea Rooms yesterday morning followed by the afternoon watching Woman in Black at the cinema - apparently we were the loudest family in the place! - I have finally finished re-editing Caught in the Web paperback version.  Have sent off for another proof copy before it's available to buy on the web.

More excitement this morning - men turned up to dig up the drive so that they could lay a cable for electricity into the village - now this may not seem so exciting except for the fact that they were reading the plans wrong and the trench was supposed to have gone through next door's drive, not ours.  Luckily I noticed before they started unloading the diggers.  So - it's been a bit noisy here today.  The cat has been fascinated and has spent hours just sitting watching them.  You'd think she'd be frightened of the noise, but no - weird cat! She sat as close to the fence as possible - I could hardly coax her to come indoors.

Now I suppose I should get on with writing the next novel.  About 4,500 words so far, so I've a long way to go yet.

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