Saturday, 4 February 2012

This is truly an amazing feeling - knowing that my novel is selling and people are actually reading it.  I would recommend it to anyone who has ever had the desire to write.  I've met so many people who have said to me that they wanted to write a novel, or that they should write a novel.  But it's like walking a mile - you just have to start - and go on until it's finished.
Today I've received my first review of Caught in the Web and it doesn't matter to me that it was written by my oldest friend - a woman who shared so many of my teenage years with me, sat beside me in class at school and was my greatest rival in English.  It was she who always beat me to being top of the class, not the other way round.  Here is what she said about the novel:

I bought this book because it was written by my friend.... Well that's what you do isn't it? you support your friends in their endeavours and I was familiar with Chris's writing, her poetry from years gone by... I was completely unprepared for the way that this book drew me in and involved me in the lives of the characters. I felt the hopelessness of those women locked away for years for no other crime than being unfortunate enough to fall pregnant. I wept for Karen who tried so hard to keep her controlling, demanding husband from dictating how she should live her life and dream her dreams. As the book progressed I found myself reading faster and faster as though hurrying through could somehow help me to influence the outcome.

Chris's writing paints haunting pictures of those brooding Victorian asylums and the shuffling vacant inmates who perhaps, nowadays, would be prescribed a course of mild antidepressants and then expected to carry on regardless,, she also manages to convey how much those institutionalised unfortunates came to see the cold, harsh, sometimes brutal conditions as a safe haven from the impossible demands of life.

This is a tense, moving, chilling book..... Beautifully written......
Thank you so much dear friend, for taking the time to read my work, and to write about your experience

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