Thursday, 2 February 2012

Made my first sale of Caught in the Web yesterday.  Did you know that you can download Kindle to any computer, laptop, or Mac - free?  So if you don't have a Kindle, don't despair, you can still read my novel. Go to Amazon - Kindle Publishing and download.  That's if you want to read it, I mean.

Today I'm getting on with the new novel - title as yet to be created.  It's about a group of people who come together to work in a charity shop.  When one of their regular customers goes missing, the volunteers decide to turn detective - with surprising consequences....  This plot will develop and may change as I get to know the various characters, new ones come into the story, and I allow them to take over with telling their tale.
I spent a lovely three months working in a charity shop to research this and have met some truly amazing people.

And then, there's the theatre...
Yesterday I went over to Titchfield Festival Theatre to make a new start on the costume department.  It was so cold that my fingers turned blue.  No heating on during the day as it's not worth putting it on for only me.  Each time I drop in there are new items to sort out.  Yesterday it was two hooped Victorian gowns donated by another local drama group, and a bag with riding hats - one a ladies top hat.  Lovely.
Then I met up with Georgie and Kevin and we warmed our hands on black coffee (no milk), a good old gossip, before the cold got the better of me.

It's even cold in here, with the heating on.  Think I'll go to the library....

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