Sunday, 19 October 2014

Thanks and Portsmouth BookFest events

Well that last post stirred up a lot of people.  Thanks for all the comments on facebook, mostly supportive but not all.  I just wanted to put an honest account of life at Uplands out there.  It's easy to take photos of a moment in time, instead of getting on and cleaning up the mess which is what we, in fact, do.

Today I am preparing for the up and coming events of the next couple of weeks.  On thursday I shall be at Portsmouth Guildhall, attending the launching of both the Portsmouth Bookfest and the paperback version of Portsmouth Fairy Tales.  I am looking forward to performing one of my short stories at this event and looking forward to working once again with some amazing local authors.

On the 31st October, I will be performing a brand new piece of writing - still being worked on - for the Day of The Dead: Hello Darkness event at the Square Tower in Old Portsmouth.

Both of these events are park of the Portsmouth BookFest and places can be booked online through their website.  Anyone interested in writing, please come along and meet the team.

I hope to see some of you there.

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