Saturday, 12 April 2014

Southwick D-Day 70 - Pirate talk - and Round and Round a Garden!

Things have really been hotting up here in Southwick over the past few weeks.  It's now 55 days to D-Day.  Well, the 70th anniversary of D-Day, and Southwick village played a very important part in this event in history.  For more information on the day, please log into our website at  Of course, the lead up to the weekend has been fun and eventful - more about that later.

Today I have been practicing talking like a pirate for an event I am performing at tomorrow.  Aaaarrr!  The venue is The Groundlings Theatre in Old Portsmouth for which I have written a short piece entitled "Lady Mary's Downfall".  I won't paste the story on here until after the event - don't want to spoil it for the audience.  The rest of this lovely sunny morning I am off to sort out a costume for myself for this event.

On another note, I have been directing Round and Round the Garden which went into the performance run this week.  We have already had a review which is on The Southampton Echo Curtain Call page.  Not a bad review.  What I would call "nice".  Aside from the review, many of those who have come along to Titchfield Festival Theatre in St. Margaret's Lane to see the play have given good reports both on line and to me in person.  So thanks to all of those, and if you want to see the play you can check out the details on the website which is . The show is on tonight and all next week, including Good Friday, so come along and have a laugh.  The set alone is worth a look at.  The acting is pretty good as well!  A great fun play by Alan Ayckbourn - one of the Norman Conquests which was a trilogy of plays he wrote over 10 days back in the early 1970s.

Just a reminder though, if you do come, wear warm clothes - the theatre heating's not that brilliant.
Hope to see you there....

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