Tuesday, 25 March 2014

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Today has been an interesting and quite exciting day.  I spent a while at the theatre watching my brilliant set building team getting the set together for Round and Round the Garden, a play I am directing at Titchfield Festival Theatre.  It's great to see something fantastic growing out of a few bits of wood and some fake grass!  Still early days of course but by tomorrow evening we should be able to at least use the entrances and exits and have a feel for the acting space.

The play is to be performed from the 9th to the 19th April, so less than a couple of weeks rehearsal time left.  We have an amazing cast with Georgie Gulliford as Annie, Kay Fraser as Sarah, and Mandy Watmaugh as Ruth.  The men are played by Rick Barter as Reg, Laurence Lloyd as Tom and Randy Vince as Norman.  The play is the third in the trilogy The Norman Conquests, written by Alan Ayckbourn.  A masterpiece of theatre.  I just hope we can do it justice.  By that I mean me, as the director.  I have great faith in all the cast and still laugh out loud at rehearsals over and over again.  Not hysterical laughter either although there is a little of that!

For the past few days I have been promoting my novel Caught in the Web by giving it away free on Kindle.  Today is the last day, all those I've been pestering will be pleased to hear.  Just wanted to say that it has been a great success and has been downloaded all over the world by nearly 1,800 people so far.  Even though I haven't received any cash for this, it feels good knowing that I am reaching out to so many people in so many countries.  Wow!

Then, as if I didn't have enough to do, I'm involved in the D-Day 70 commemoration weekend in the village of Southwick and have to get off to a meeting in the local pub in about 20 minutes - so I guess I'd better get going.

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