Thursday, 2 August 2012

thoughts on blues and power cuts

Silhouettes of musicians -
Black hat-bands
On blues bands
Microphones and drum kits
Leaving before the lights come up -
They've gone off in the village.
A portrait in black
Silhouetted against headlights
Instead of real lights
And writing in the dark.

Smell of barbecue
And smoking dope
How long do power cuts last
In this village?

The wind blustering
Flustering the walls of the marquee
Scared to go for a pee
In the dark and rainy night
No light
To show the way -
At the end of the day -
The evening may have ended then
The band got up and played double bass,
and Squeeze-box
To the hand-clap of the audience.
It would be good if they could
Sing without a microphone.

Shall we go home?
It's not coming on again.
But I'll have to change my shoes -
Can't go out there in my
Dance Shoes.
The beer's still flowing
But it'll be an hour or so
We might as well be going

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