Sunday, 12 August 2012

Reflections of an afternoon in Southsea

Two girls walk by
They're carrying a stuffed rabbit in a tray
Preceded by a young man
With a gaberdine mac carefully draped
Over his right arm.

The afternoon sun slowly creeps
Across the table
Causing the owner to move away
The carefully displayed,
Deliciously prepared
Home-baked cakes.

My tea is sipped
And Earl Grey slips
Down my throat
Gently slaking my thirst.

Grey-haired labourer
Fag clenched between the teeth
In mouth's corner
Grins as he passes by.

I wait and pour another cup.

The tattooist comes outside
Lights up a cigarette
Followed by his latest canvas -
One Celtic arm
One star-studded
And something new across his chest
Now covered with cling film
They smoke - unaware
Of my eyes.

Purple satin suit
In white Panama hat
Marches towards
The Hole in the Wall
Dark glasses keep out the glare
Of the evening sun already set
Behind the Tuck Shop wall.

I brace myself for the evening rush.

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