Friday, 22 March 2013

Latest from Southwick Village

This week has been quite exciting for the people of Southwick.....

The first thing to happen was the announcement of the winner of the "Name the new pasty" competition in Southwick Village Stores.  This was a new recipe consisting of Pork, barbecue, and maple syrup.  The lovely husband, Mark, won with his entry of Sweet and Smokey Hampshire Hog.  The prize was .......... a pasty!  Now Richard in the shop is busy designing the next one which will be a special Easter pasty.  A new competition is underway at the moment and can be found if you follow Southwick Village Stores on Facebook.  Good luck!

Then it was our daughter, Erin's birthday - 20 years old already - can't quite believe it really.  So on Wednesday evening we were all to be found in the Golden Lion celebrating with her.  Not only this - but it was also another villager's birthday on the same day - Alan was in the pub celebrating his 80th!  Now this is a gentleman who has lived in Southwick for most if not all of his life.  He is famous for wearing hats, digging gardens and looking out for the old folk of the village.  He has been known to regularly get up early in the morning to go and light the fire in one of his old neighbours, to fetch in coal and to dig people's gardens.  We are never sure what the purpose of the digging is, but digging is what he loves.  Mind you, he does produce some lovely veggies and flowers from his own garden.

On the subject of birthdays - it was also another young man's birthday on the same day - Spencer, who also lives in the village.  Then whilst we were in the pub, it was announced that another villager had just given birth to a 10lb baby boy!  So, happy birthday to all on the 20th March - the Spring Equinox -  a special day indeed.

So, it has been a busy week for me, but I have had a little time to work on the new novel.... getting a bit fed up with people asking me when it's going to be finished.  Only have myself to blame, I know, but I have been taking a lot of time to market Caught in the Web and am still hoping to sell more and more copies.  It's still available in Westbury Manor in Fareham where the display of life in Knowle Hospital is still on show.

You can also buy the paperback in The Book Shop at Lee-on-the-solent, The One Tree Bookshop in Petersfield; Waterstones in Fareham and Commercial Road Portsmouth; Blackwells Portsmouth and all good bookshops can order it from their catalogues.  It's also available on websites worldwide including;;;;;;;  as well as all the other amazon sites.  It's available both on Kindle and in paperback form.

So, if you have enjoyed reading it on this blog, please support me by purchasing your own copy - and maybe taking time out to write a review.  It would be much appreciated.

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