Thursday, 24 January 2013

A couple of poems on my life


The sun sighs
Like a fairy's breath
Through the slats of the bathroom blind
Then slips across
The polished pseudo wooden floor
And lies there
Bathing the cat in its warmth.
It wraps itself around my mind
Causing me to smile
As I hold on for dear life
To every tiny speck of last summer
Before the cold of the winter
Chases all those memories away.
It's a long time until Spring.


And now
In the midst of the January snow
Summer so far away
Cold in layers of cotton and wool.
My feet hate this time of year
My fingers ache with cold
Nose ever dripping -
Keep myself busy
So that Spring comes more quickly.
Try not to notice the long dark nights
Ignore the ice
I cannot embrace the dark mornings
But measure the minutes of dawn's grey light
As the winter slowly slips away
And long for the sun to waken me once more.
I'm counting down the days
As Winter passes away.

Then I see the robin on the snow
Hear childrens' squeals of delight
Watch the sunlight
Brighten the whitest landscape.
I snuggle down beside a roaring fire
Warm my fingers and toes
Wipe my dripping nose
Throw the tissue into the fire
Watch as it flares into shapes
And dreamscapes
An wonder at Life's Circle.

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